The ASR® Designation for the Seller’s Agent

The ASR® Designation is awarded to real estate agents who are Candidate Members of the Accredited Seller Agency Council:

1. Upon the successful completion of the twelve (12) hour in-class ASR® seller agency course, or
the online ASR® seller agency course, and

2. Certification of five (5) closed sides of the transaction where the ASR® candidate has represented the seller, and

3. Letters of recommendation from 3 sellers represented in those transactions, and

4. Proof of Membership in the National Association of Realtors®.

Proof of the above should be sent to the Accredited Seller Agency Council at:

Per Mail : 4355 Cobb Parkway, Suite J-113, Atlanta, GA 30339
Per Phone and fax: (404) 921-3735

Upon receipt and verification of these items the ASR® designation is awarded and the Candidate Member will receive their ASR® certificate and ASR® lapel pin via mail.

Seller agency benefits and inclusion in the National Registry and usage of the ASR® designation and logo is renewed every year when the agent renews his or her membership in the Accredited Seller Agency Council for $99 per year.

Course Overview

The ASR® seller agency course is a twelve (12) hour course. Upon completion the agent must successfully complete a fifty (50) question exam.

Seller agency topics covered include:

  • Preparing for the listing appointment
  • Preparing an in-depth market analysis
  • Effectively pricing and positioning the property for marketing
  • Effective marketing techniques for a new generation of buyers
  • Property disclosure and contract provisions to protect the seller
  • Defect resolution issues
  • Effective communications from listing to closing
  • Winning negotiating strategies
  • Positioning and marketing yourself as a seller agent area expert
  • Building a saleable business by becoming a "Market Area Specialist"

Course Outline

Module I 

  • Code of Ethics & The Pursuit of the Listing
  • Demonstration Versus Presentation
  • Honesty Versus Integrity
  • Understanding What Clients Want
  • Effective Communication
  • Capturing Your Focus
        1. Business Planning
        2. Survival Mode Mentality
        3. Value Added Service
        4. NAR Overview of Buyers & Sellers Survey

Module II

  • Positioning Yourself as a Market Area Specialist
        1. Personal Branding
        2. Compensation Issues
        3. The Mindset of Today’s Seller
  • The Pre-Listing Appointment
        1. Purpose
        2. Need and Reasons for Information
        3. The Information
        4. Preparing for both the Pre-Listing and Listing Appointments

Module III

  • Preparing to Complete and Demonstrate an Effective CMA
  • Components of an Effective Listing Presentation
  • The Listing Appointment
        1. Demonstrating the Value of Services
        2. Reviewing the Value Added Services Offered
        3. Presenting the CMA
        4. Demonstrating and Delivering the Specific Marketing Plan
        5. Implementing the Initial Marketing Plan
        6. Showing the Property: Positioning for Sale.

   Module IV

  • Effective Negotiating on Behalf of the Seller
  • The Offer
        1. Receiving the Offer
        2. Communication of the Offer
        3. Handling Multiple Offers
  • Contractual Provisions to Protect the Seller
        1. Handling the Counter Offer
        2. Positioning the Counter Offer
  • The Pledge


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